Dr. Jorge R. Mancillas

Dr. Jorge R. Mancillas is a neuroscientist, global health and human rights advocate and writer.

Dr. Mancillas made significant contributions to the understanding of the development and function of the nervous system while working at the Salk Institute, the MRC’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology (with Nobel Laureates Sydney Brenner and John Sulston) and in his laboratory of Cell and Molecular Neurobiology at the UCLA Brain Research Institute. In parallel, he contributed to environmental, public health and human rights causes.

When he was a Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, he gained public visibility in the 1990s for his environmental and human rights advocacy, his efforts to promote educational diversity and for his participation in promoting democracy and rule of law in Mexico.

After relocating to France, on the border with Geneva, Switzerland, he focused on the promotion of global health. He organized campaigns by a global organization representing 8 million health professionals in 154 countries, in frequent collaboration with WHO departments. He served in various WHO expert committees, task forces, consultations and networks. From 2010, he worked for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, handling relations with major donor governments.

He has authored articles on a variety of subjects, published by major international newspapers. He recently completed a book on the origins and evolution of consciousness.

Dr. Jorge R. Mancillas was born and raised in the colonia obrera of Ensenada, Baja California, in Northwestern Mexico in a family of modest means. He speaks English, Spanish and French, and has visited over 4 dozen countries. He skis, sails, enjoys jazz and is an amateur photographer.

Dr. Mancillas has three children – Monica, David and Arianna Mancillas.